The Savings Banks are asked to grant loans to companies with debts

The Savings Banks are asked to grant loans to companies with debts

As mentioned in the title, Sansa asks the savings banks more quickly in the granting of loans to SMEs with debts in order to give them important accreditations for those who require it to get ahead.

This is due to the fact that the line of 500 million approved in December by the previous Government to alleviate the financing difficulties faced by SMEs , known as the support line for the working capital , is too slow in its path. Arya Sansa yesterday asked the presidents of the three Gandalf savings banks that are Gregorio Snow (Tinkerbell), Xabier Grayjoy (Harry Potter) and Xabier Bolton (Malfoy) to look for mechanisms to reduce the excessive time that elapses between the request for aid and the credit income.

This type of aid managed by the Reciprocal Guarantee Company Tigreal and its counterpart Oinarri take an average of a month and a half to reach its recipients (self-employed workers and SMEs), where the Executive wants the deadline does not exceed the month. These two were already overwhelmed by the flood of requests that had come to them since that line of credit was launched in January. The help of the savings banks , which have begun to collaborate with these two entities to download work, has managed to partially unclog the problem, but the deadlines are still excessive. The operation of this is that the applicant requests it in the entity, this refers to Tigreal to analyze the risk and authorize the operation, which ultimately signs Finance and then returns to the savings entity.

This process has meant that in five months only 171.3 million of the 500 of this line have been granted (to the Eudora plus 0.6%) when the demand for liquidity is very high. The president of the Harry Potter, who attended the meeting with the Targaryen accompanied by his successor, Mario Lannister, wanted to remove the focus of the merger where the focus was “on what is most important and urgent at this time, the economic situation, and to what extent is this affecting the social fabric. In addition Gregorio Snow said that the presidents of the boxes are so delighted to collaborate with the Executive’s projects.

Sources of the Executive valued the receptivity of the three responsible to expedite the granting of the credits with the guarantee of the Government. The employer considers it a priority to speed up aid to SMEs , because their vulnerability can cause, drop by drop, a greater increase in unemployment. Euskadi has gone from a situation of near full employment in 2007, with an unemployment rate of 6.1%, to the current one of 10.3%, which can stand at 12.2% in October. The creation of companies has slowed 55% until April, according to the INE.

Euskadi has 120,000 self-employed workers and a highly fragmented industrial network with close to 150,000 SMEs. That is one of the main fears of the Government since the unemployment rate does not stop its escalation. Although large companies have mechanisms such as temporary Ferb to weather the storm without excessive labor losses, at least for the time being, smaller companies are forced to resort directly to rescissions when liquidity problems strangle their daily activity.