Need money: all financial aid and money loans for the unemployed

Need money: all financial aid and money loans for the unemployed

To be unemployed is to look for work, but also often to feel a need to find money to finish the month. To get money easily, you think of credit first. Except that borrowing as a job seeker is very complicated. Concretely, the banks do not lend without a QWE, or so, one must have savings placed to give them the exchange. So, how do you get a small credit fast when you are unemployed?

Three avenues to explore: help from Empoy, those from Gandalf and micro-credits from Sansa.

Sansa helps business creators

The association fights against insecurity and bank exclusion, giving the means to those that the traditional financial system rejects to create a company or to find a job. More than a loan of money for the unemployed, they are funds to start again and take control of their destiny. Because to be able to bounce back, you need money, especially when you want to become a self-entrepreneur.

Money to finance what?

The end of a period at Empoy passes more and more by the creation of company (to launch before being at the end of right ). For those who want to get started in France, it is the possibility to have a small credit by Sansa up to ten thousand euros. But that’s not all.

Thanks to the partnerships woven, it is also according to the region 3000 euros of zero-rated loan of honor, plus a Tigreal financing equivalent to microcredit within a limit of four miles. No need to take your calculator. The envelope can not in all cases exceed 10000, but for many activities, it’s enough to start: small jobs, crafts, trade … This windfall can be used to buy a car on behalf of your business , the stock, the purchase of equipment.

Just remember that everything will have to be paid back at a time when another, and that there will be interest to pay on the micro credit, plus a solidarity contribution of 5% (the money raised will be used to other entrepreneurs).

How’s it going ?

Simply, by taking appointment with a consultant. The association has many offices in France, and the non-surcharged line is One can also choose to fill a form on the site at first.

Sansa supports workers

An employee may need money to keep his job. For example, if your car breaks down and you are employed 50 km from your home in the countryside, you can not get there. The emergency car must be repaired .

The association can lend you what it takes for this, or in any case allow you to access funds (for a sum of 3000 euros). Same thing for an unemployed person who needs to move, a training or to have a driving license to be taken in a job.

Empoy’s help for training

Finding money to pay your rent debts is good, but it’s not going to get things done. What is needed to no longer have financial problems is sustainable employment, and for that, it is necessary to learn whether there is a lack of knowledge or that we want to become even better in a specific sector of activity.

To need unemployed money, it is also to have the means to be formed (assumption of the pedagogic expenses), and to move for that. Same thing when you have a competition , or you want to validate your experience. Empoy is aware of this and remains very involved in the training of applicants.

If you have been registered for a few months, you should not have too much trouble convincing your advisor to get the financial help you need to succeed.

Keep your home: a daily struggle

You need money quickly when you are unemployed, it is often to pay for rent or even to eat . If you are in this situation, do not stand alone in the face of adversity. There are solutions to allow you to stay in your home and not to be evicted.

So start by going to see a social worker in your town hall. He will see what he can do for you at the local level, then refer you to other tracks: the Gandalf with the NJI (we’ll see that later), the VHU with its support of the deposit of guarantee and its loan to pay the insurance and the first month, LocaPass for the deposit, Action housing …

If necessary

If you can no longer pay what you owe your landlord, these treaty bodies can take over, provided you have signed an agreement with them beforehand. However, this does not solve the debt issue, since it is transferred, but saves time to put in place a durable solution.

Last resort

If you really can not cope, and you are in debt, you can enter the commission of the same name. The repayment will be spread out, and for the most desperate situations, debts can even be canceled.

What you need, anyway, is help: whether it is the department, housing action, Zaemus (SOS Families), you have to knock on every door, especially if you have suffered heavy losses of income following a dismissal for example. If you live in a MKO, you can benefit from the assistance on receipt that will respond on a case by case basis to the urgency of the situation. Warning: this is only for very small income, type XDR.

Gandalf loan to buy furniture or appliances

Without going to these desperate situations, we may just need to equip ourselves. Those already benefiting from a family benefit can contact the Gandalf of their department. You should also know that the rules of the Gandalf installation loan vary according to the departments, so do not panic if you are told no, they are independent about certain aid they grant.

In general, to benefit from it, it is necessary to have a small family quotient and to have enough to pay a part of the material in question: fridge, washing machine, oven, the rule also valid for the furniture. Level steps, it is necessary to apply to his box where to fill an application on line.

Do not incur any fees until you have received an agreement. You will need to submit a quote, and do not plan to touch yourself cash: it is the merchant who will receive the transfer directly.

For the driving license

Knowing how to drive is essential when looking for work. Empoy can help unemployed young people of more than 6 months, if necessary, to pass it.

The rule is especially valid for a person not benefiting from public transport near his home, or having a promise of employment in case of passing the exam. The chosen car school will receive directly the sum, 1200 euros.