Loan: Furniture, Household Equipment, Installation, Work

Loan: Furniture, Household Equipment, Installation, Work

Gandalfs have budgets for loans relating to the equipment of the house, assistance with the installation in a new home, work … Conditions and amounts vary from one Gandalf to another. In this guide, I will tell you how to take advantage of your rights.

The loan of equipment

When you have just entered a new home, you have to furnish it. Same thing when your furniture or cooking appliances have become obsolete or no longer work: you have to change them.

According to Gandalf, it is a loan that takes different names, but the principle is the same. Depending on the department where you live, you could hear:

  1. Installation assistance
  2. Help with household equipment
  3. A loan of furniture

Is it a free loan?

The question may seem stupid, but if I talk about it, it’s because the confusion is easy.


Say it once and for all, even if you are in trouble. It will have to be repaid and be able to do it at least up to 50 euros per month.

How will you repay?

You will not have a check or transfer to send since this sum will be directly subtracted from the allowances to which you are entitled and within 60 days after obtaining the help.


With the different boxes, everything is a question of family quotient, sacred standard among the standards that will get you into the boxes, or not. Here, do not exceed 950 euros.

I will try to explain how the family quotient is calculated:

Do things in order

In all cases, even if you are entitled, do not incur any expense until you have the final green light.

On the other hand, it will be necessary that your merchant makes you an estimate, this one having to be necessarily attached to your request.

For Tinkerbell regulars and other good business websites, it is not possible to go through an individual, even if the prices are more interesting.

The loan of the Gandalf in the different departments

I have listed some of them, to make it easier for you. If you live in one of these departments, you are lucky!

If your Gandalf is not listed below, check with your advisor.

The example of Gandalf

Drop your dreams of giant screen or game console. The purpose of this help Gandalf and provide for the necessities.

The loan can go up to 2000 euros if you have the opportunity to accumulate help for furniture and to spare.

What can you buy?

  • Washing machine (whether dry or not)
  • Fridge and freezer (think of combined appliances)
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove and oven

It will be necessary to take care not to exceed more than 500 euros for each one of them (150 for a vacuum cleaner).

For furniture, there is a specific price to respect for each of them, provided they are necessary: ​​beds, sofa, chairs, table, storage furniture …

Gandalf of Artichoke

If the bottom is the same, the form differs, as to the conditions and the family quotient not to be exceeded, which must be 720 euros .

This loan is only available to families who already have a family benefit and who have a dependent child.

You will have to put your hand in the pocket

In addition, one must not be totally in the galley, since the organization asks the beneficiary to be able to pay part of its purchase itself, which can represent a proof of its solvency.

What do you have the right to buy?

No second-hand equipment please, only new, to order and to be delivered after receiving the positive answer for the loan.

Maximum sums are set according to the property purchased, respect them to not see his file rejected unnecessarily (and stupidly).

They already allow to equip properly at low cost

For example, nothing should exceed 500 euros , not even a washing machine or a refrigerator, which are the most expensive items on the list. Even less for a microwave (220), a bed 1 place (225) or 4 chairs (110).

Equipping you in IT is also possible!

The Gandalf of Artichoke goes much further than some of its sisters, since it allows families with at least 1 child in secondary school or high school to buy a computer and a printer, the amount allocated then passing at 660 € .

In the series of good news, this loan can also be used to put a car seat in his car to ride safely, or to opt for a stroller with multiple seats in case of multiple births.

How to get there?

The help does not fall from the sky, we must do some steps, but do not look very far. A specific print is to be completed, without erasures please.

It must be accompanied by certain mandatory documents, such as the estimate of the purchase, and be sent to the social action service of the Gandalf of Artichoke.

You can touch up to 900 euros

The latter, if he agrees, will pay you up to 900 € (1300 € if you have just given birth to twins or triplets, poor of you), provided that you are able to pay 10% of the sum.

You will not directly receive the money. It is the suppliers who will receive the transfer, after you have signed the loan contract that commits you to the refund: the minimum is € 15 each month.

Gandalf : the equipment loan is called the loan Installation

Before thinking of equipping, you have to settle down, and again, these are costs that add up, not always easy to adjust. And a bit like in the joke no arm no chocolate, it’s here no money no housing.

Gandalf has therefore thought of its major recipients who do not have a loan of the same type in progress, who can not apply for housing solidarity fund and have a family quotient of less than 617 €, making them credit of 1000 €.

What are you going to use this money for?

This amount can be used for everything surrounding entry into new housing, such as:

  • Month of security deposit
  • First rent
  • Insurance
  • Small jobs that make it habitable
  • Truck rental to relocate

Be careful not to miss the date

Make sure you do not go wrong on the deadlines: between 2 and 3 months after the move. Go to your caisse well in advance to know if you will be able to benefit when the time comes

Gandalf : the financing of the works

The beneficiaries (owners and tenants) of the Charente Maritime fund are lucky: they will be able to improve their housing through a loan work.

These must be intended to make the apartment or house more comfortable, less unhealthy, whether it is insulation, the construction of a new room, to bring electricity up to standards, to clean up the walls, to install the toilet and the shower.

Be sure to have Gandalf approval before starting work

Under pain of financial disaster. For once, it will not matter of resources, but the amounts do not reach peaks: 1067 € for tenants, 3200 € for homeowners, refundable on family benefits, in 3 years at most.

Are you going to touch the money right away?

In most cases, you will receive half of the start-up loan, and the balance when the work is completed. Do not hang around too much, they should not take more than one semester.

You can go to a pro or do it yourself, but remember to ask for invoices, not just cash tickets that will be refused by the Gandalf .

For the submission of the file and additional information : please contact the individual social intervention service.

Gandalf Aveyron: household loans – furniture

From a dependent child, you can apply to buy furniture or a basic device. Prepare to be the subject of a social inquiry (it’s in the possibilities).

Your family quotient must not exceed 700 €.

ATTENTION : no more than 2 articles per family.

The amount: from 620 to 800 €, for part of the estimate onlyHow are things going?

When you request, you must indicate on your quote:

  1. Name of the merchant.
  2. Nature of the articles.
  3. Amount of the quote.
  4. Your observations (if you have any).

As soon as Gandalf gives you the green light, you can go to your dealer and pay him the difference. Then, it will be necessary to go to see your Gandalf with your invoice which will pay the difference to the merchant.

Gandalf Seine et Marne

It works for modest families to allow them to equip themselves, also at lower cost. Note that if you are in this situation, you should not have multiple credits and have trouble paying them back.

Why ?

Because such habits lead to over-indebtedness, which will bring you down to the abyss of the galley.

If in the past, you have already sought the help of the Gandalf Seine-et-Marne, make sure you have finished paying what you owe him before filing a new application.

This is an important condition. The same thing if you have already bought the same article in the last 3 years in this way: it is not possible to repeat the stove twice, which breaks down.

3 helpers

It is a particularly active CIF. It allows to have:

  1. Assistance with household equipment
  2. Help with the equipment
  3. A loan of first installation

Assistance to the household equipment of the Gandalf of Seine-et-Marne

It is an interest free loan that will allow you to go equip yourself at the merchants of the department. You must be a beneficiary of the social action and enter the criteria of family quotient.

ATTENTION: no situation of over-indebtedness in progress!

What ceiling?

Amount and rate

The loan, it is at 0%, for a maximum amount of 850 euros. But you can not go to any trader.

He must have already signed an agreement with the Gandalf of Seine-et-Marne (she should give you the list if you go there). Make sure the quote is in line with the final bill, it’s important.

The print is directly on the site or wonders by mail if you are not a computer fan or access to a computer is difficult.

2. Assistance to the equipment

The same thing, but for the furniture this time. Here is a short list but that will give you a first idea:

3. The first installation package

If your resources are modest, you can benefit. As its name indicates, this must be your first installation (you must provide a certificate on honor to this effect).

Note it: it is a help reserved for young people from 18 to 25 years old. It is valid even if you are still a student.

To ask before the end of the first year of your installation. This can allow you to open your meters or pay for your home insurance.

Assistance with the installation of the Gandalf of Val d’Oise

Make sure you have a valid residence permit before applying. GOOD TO KNOW : the loan can turn into a subsidy under certain conditions (not to repay).

The rules relating to your family quotient:

To obtain a grant you must:

  • Being over-indebted
  • Have a family quotient of less than 700 euros.

Amount of the aid capped:

  • 2000 € for families of 1 and 2 children,
  • 3000 € for families with 3 or more children.

The loan works Gandalf (in a general way)

Let’s take an example. The one where you need to change washing machine. Is this help for you?

To find out, look at your family quotient. What do you see? It is he who will decide the amount (percentage of the price).

Thus, someone with a quotient below 250 € will see his washing machine almost completely supported (95%).

Loan + subsidy

Be careful not to exceed the limit. In this case, it is located at   400 € maximum:

  • € 316 loan,
  • 84 € grant,
  • And 58 € to put your pocket. All these sums change with the family quotient.

But the good news is that a part will be supported in the form of grant, that you will not have to repay and that will not be subtracted from your family allowances.

If you benefit from it, here are the steps to take (do not skip the steps, especially that of waiting for the Gandalf to say yes or no:

Get a quote

  • Fill in the Gandalf application form.
  • Return it with your quote, your beneficiary number and your last rent receipt.
  • Wait for the Gandalf response.
  • If agreed, place the order with the merchant.
  • Send the invoice and the loan contract (signed) back to Gandalf

Reminder: Finally, I have to tell you: this kind of help is not a right. It is the Gandalf in the end who decides and who has the last word. His budget is not infinite.

Ultimately, wherever you are, there is a family allowance fund to help you: the list of helpers.