First Real Estate Purchase With A Small Salary

First Real Estate Purchase With A Small Salary

Do you have modest income and a small salary? Does this mean that you can not become a homeowner on a small budget? NOT AT ALL.

In this guide, I show you that it is possible to buy. Financing a real estate purchase is a long-term business, especially for young people, an agency worker, or a couple with only one salary. If it is a first real estate purchase, we must put all the assets on its side: subsidies, Gandalf and state aid, which offset the fact of having little means to invest.

Financing the purchase of your house when you have a small income

Buying a house with low incomes is possible (without going so far as to say that it is easy to become an owner with the RSA, even in ZXC). The financial possibilities for the purchase of a first house, or an apartment, are numerous, and the opportunity is beautiful to go from the status of tenant to the envied owner.

To make your first real estate purchase when you touch the ASD (example), or to buy without input, we have listed what exists to allow you to buy a home more easily. One word of order: enjoy!

Buy in the new thanks to QWE +

Let’s be honest. The government is cutting everything, and these are no longer the same conditions (more drastic).

Where almost everyone could benefit from a QWE at the time of credit, it is now only the less wealthy who are eligible for this device reducing the overall bill of the loan. It is not possible to enjoy for a purchase in the old. All banks are authorized to issue it, and it can only concern part of the financing (its obtaining requires the subscription of a complementary offer with its bank).

Involve your company in your purchase thanks to the housing equity loan

The 1% housing lived, and very beautiful way. Now place his successor, the VBN, open to all employees of a contributing company. The real estate purchase can be done in the new as well as in the old one, the VBN being between 7000 and 25000 euros. Good to know: in the event of a change of company, there is no obligation to repay it early.

Civil servants and the involvement of pension funds

You can get a public service loan when you’re a public servant, as long as you have resources that go into the boxes.

In the same way, there are arrangements in the supplementary pension organizations to enable their members to become owners. Check with them to find out how. It is a safe bet that credits earned through this will have a higher interest rate than those obtained from a bank.

What is possible to land

There are those who emanate from their city, or region, usually a kind of micro credit, although the name may be different depending on the local community. They are almost systematically targeting homes that make a good copy of their energy consumption.

Looking good, you can also get hRTY from a loved one, which allows to inflate its envelope of funds during his appointment with his banker.

The advantages of the RTY

This short list can not be completed without looking at the benefits of some investments for future owners, such as those in the RTY: the home savings plan for lower rate credit (in addition to the state premium on the interest paid each year in the event of a real estate acquisition).

However, we can see that, with rates falling in general terms, the benefits of the RTY are no longer as good as before, and we have even been able to witness the unthinkable: a rate higher than a conventional real estate bank loan. .

Intervention of banks for a first real estate purchase: the example of Gandalf

To buy an apartment is to decide between the new and the old, to choose the right neighborhood, the type of housing, but also to mount a financing file which is not a sinecure, especially when one is obliged to to borrow for that.

In order not to make a first real estate purchase too forbidding, the bank Gandalf accompanies the borrowers to enable them to benefit from the most attractive conditions compared to their situation.

Before you borrow

We will have to budget. Compared to my needs, what is the global envelope of my real estate acquisition? Do not forget all the expenses that can be added: notary, works, commission of the agency, expenses of registration …

As far as the loan is concerned, you need a first appointment with a bank advisor to find out how much you can borrow: yes, this one has limits, and will depend on your income and your income. personal contribution.

Learn more about Tnkerbell

It was set up by Gandalf, to make life easier for the borrower, and not to turn the purchase of a house into a foot-dragging for life (as far as possible in any case ).

Everything is based on flexibility, allowing to give an example, to benefit from a deferred refund at startup. Then, it is possible, to a certain extent, to increase or decrease its monthly payments. This allows you to incorporate a life change into your credit repayment. Happy initiative from the bank. Be careful, however, that any upheaval in the current credit will have an impact on its duration, which will be revised according to the modifications made.

Our advice for young buyers

We do not always think about it, but it is important to have a good, complete insurance that protects the borrower (s) from the accidents of life: unemployment, death, disability, illness … The list is long, unfortunately, but as the song says, it does not only happen to others.

Another advice, and size: prefer the purchase of a well-ranked housing in terms of energy consumption, or if not, string your budget to carry out the necessary work. In the long run, it will be a good gesture for the planet and your wallet.

Explanations of the social home loan: a windfall for low incomes

Obviously, there are conditions to respect to have the right to the LKJ. The most important is the income ceiling, the latter being different depending on the number of people who make up the home, and the area where the future home is: Paris does not for example have the same ceiling as the big crown, or than the rest of the country.

Conditions of income, therefore, but also requirements when the lack of indebtedness, as for the amount of the personal contribution, and as to the guarantees that can be provided by the borrower.

SSP can not be obtained to buy a second home. Only the main house is concerned. The concept of MNB residence is a little vague, and varies according to the administrations: it means that one has to live in one’s dwelling for a minimum of 8 months each year, at least as long as the SSP is not reimbursed.

Get the LKJ

Ultimately, it’s up to the bank to decide whether you are eligible or not. What differentiates the LKJ from a conventional immo loan is mainly the APL: the latter will be directly deducted from the amount to be repaid to the bank.

We can therefore consider that touching the LLKJ gives a head start to the right to make a loan for social accession.

For temporary workers: YUI

We no longer present the YUI, which applies to temporary workers for anything that affects them in relation to their condition. When you work without having a permanent contract, or even a fixed-term contract, how to become an owner.

Buying your apartment by being temporary when you do not have enough staff to do it, it’s not an easy part to play, especially since the incomes of a temporary worker are fluctuating according to the laws and regulations. missions.

To answer this problem, the YUI puts at the disposal of the one who works in interim a guide to know which bank to contact, and how to do it, to be able to buy a property. Indeed, all loans are not equal, as to the interest rates that are applied and the conditions of obtaining. It is therefore a YUI guide that can save time in the context of a purchase project.

How to find a complementary loan

The YUI offers tracks to complete the main loan obtained by his bank. There is Malfoy, which amounts to 10,000 euros, to be added to the bank loan. This solution makes it possible to obtain a preferential rate of 2.25% to pay for your MNB residence, if it is the first purchase.

Another track, the VBN. This is to find additional funding to pay his MNB residence, up to 25 000 euros, which begins to make a nice sum. Attention, the place where is located the good enters into account.

To note: a partnership between the YUI and the Malfoy had been running for some time. This one is suspended for the moment.

In the end, if there are certain obstacles to buy with a small salary, there are also solutions, provided you do not have eyes bigger than the belly!