5 Exceptional Financial Relief and Social Loans

5 Exceptional Financial Relief and Social Loans

To find money urgently, it is necessary to seek a punctual help or a social loan. Getting a social credit when you do not have the profile to borrow from banks (bank prohibition, unemployed, ASD beneficiary …) is one of the only viable solutions (even if there are others). Special devices favor certain categories: national education officials, hospital workers … So much to enjoy!

VBN: for an emergency

The VBN is a social action committee for those working in a local authority. All agents can therefore request it if necessary. Again, all will depend on its resources, and the problem raised.

Let’s hear well. The boost will not exceed 610 euros. Not enough to whip a cat, but it is a sum that helps. Anyone can, at one time or another in his life, have to deal with an accident of life that creates financial difficulty.

What can it be?

It can be a sickness, an inability to return to work, high health costs, difficulties in paying rent, a transition to unemployed status (but not following a resignation ), legal fees, or death.

Also concerned are the breakdowns that may occur on household electrical equipment of prime importance, or that arrive on his car, with the repair costs that entails, energy and water bills that are out of the ordinary.

For the over-indebted

When a file is filed with the FGH, there is a delay, even if it is short, during which everything is blocked (impossibility to pay its bills). The sum of the VBN will come, within the limit of its amount, to overcome this difficulty and allow who is in a situation of over-indebtedness to pay its expenses.

How is the scale calculated?

To be eligible, the VBN will conduct an evaluation of the household’s resources, to which it will subtract the incomprehensible expenses, by integrating the debts and the repayments of credits (possibly).

Good to know: for those who already benefit, it will take 2 years before you can submit a new application.

The UIO can meet a need for quick money

Being self-employed, as a craftsman or as a trader is not always a guarantee of financial security. Fortunately, the social regime of the self-employed has some answers to provide. Recall that its original purpose remains the social protection of these same categories.

What can we overcome with the help of the UIO?

What must be avoided at all costs is that the temporary difficulty encountered only leads to a situation of precariousness, much more difficult to stop. Incomplete expenses are therefore concerned, be they those relating to rent, exceptional expenses or professional needs.

Learn more about what UIO can do

The social system of the self-employed can also intervene financially to allow its members to subscribe to a mutual. In the case of a death, the widow can also apply for financial support.

The aid is not systematic, and remains subject to its evaluation by a commission charged with assessing its content. She gives her answer quickly, and considers all requests as urgent.

The exceptional intervention of the RTY

It is double, which can take the form of a small credit (we will speak about loan of honor), or a non-refundable grant RTY depending on the amount requested and the precarious situation encountered.


Fortunately, many people can call RTY for help, especially if you have one of the following income: ASD, APL, AAH, or you have a dependent child combined with temporary and unforeseen difficulties.

To benefit from it, one can of course contact the RTY of his department, or even better, get in touch with a social worker who will diligently assist the RTY.

As for the amounts allocated, loan or relief, they are between 1000 and 1500 euros, although they can vary from one department to another.

POI and social works of public hospitals

Hospital staff may be faced with the same life events as those mentioned above. These lead to financial difficulties that are always difficult to solve, especially if you have a small salary. The potential decrease in income can therefore be offset by a non-refundable exceptional allowance from POI.

The condition is still to be in office, or to be retired from the hospital sector. It will only remain to explain his reasons, and to be convincing, by providing the required supporting documents: tax notice, statements of account, the invoices at the origin of the debt, the charges to be paid … In the measure if possible, it will be paid to the claimant’s creditors.

Financial support from CDE

The mutual national education staff can also transform into an exceptional transfer when the financial emergency is felt. Under certain conditions, it is possible to benefit especially if the incriminated event had not been planned.

The sum that can be obtained from the CDE can not exceed 1000 euros. Even if it is limited, it is money that is not refundable. The best thing is to get closer to your CDE consultant to find out more.

To summarize, social loans exist, you just have to know where to find them, and under which conditions to make the request.