0% Loan Installment Rate

0% Loan Installment Rate

When we settle down, be it in our professional or personal life, there is a cost to pay that it is not always easy to bear. The easiest way to avoid bursting your budget is to find a zero-rate credit, through the Gandalf or the state, which allows young farmers to settle more easily.

Contact Gandalf to settle

The objective of the equipment loan of Gandalf is to allow young people to settle in good conditions, when it comes to their first apartment, or to provide support in case of separation of a couple and what that implies materially. This first installation is to differentiate equipment loan or what can be found elsewhere to become owner more easily .

Be careful: do not delay to apply, at the risk of being denied. It must be done before the end of the first semester after installation.

Beneficiaries and conditions

The Gandalf aims to support the poorest, those who are in trouble. Thus, beneficiaries should not have a family quotient of more than 800 euros per month. They must also be recipients.

Once this condition is fulfilled, it must be possible to prove that it is his first home, in order to benefit from a loan to buy furniture , such as the bed of the bedroom, or household electrical equipment (freezer, oven…). Good to know: heaters, TV, laptop or sewing machine may also be affected by this device.

The advantage with this help from Gandalf for the first installation is that the purchased equipment does not have to be new, which allows to finance more things. But a second-hand purchase can not be made through an individual, but just from a professional, who must make a quote before the purchase if necessary. Do not forget that this does not fund the entire purchase, and it must explain in his application file how we will pay the balance (impossible to make another request elsewhere for this).

How to benefit?

No more than 400 euros per article, it is the rule to be forced to risk the risk of having his application rejected. As for the file, it is easy to download on the Gandalf website, and does not require the help of a social worker to fill it.

Do not forget to attach a quote in due form, which mentions the name of the recipient (your) .It must be recent and have been established less than 2 months ago. Other essential proof: the one that proves that it is a first installation (certificate of accommodation of the previous housing for example).

In order, you must sign the loan agreement and send the invoice to Gandalf after purchase. Once this is done, Gandalf will pay directly the store in question, by paying the full amount due.

Recall that the first loan installation of the Gandalf can reach the tantalizing sum of 1500 euros. This also means reimbursement, minimum of 30 euros per month, deducted directly at source, on the payment of allowances.

Call your mutual to the rescue to settle down: Malfoy

Young workers who join the Malfoy can benefit from a first installation package that allows them to pay the administrative (the deposit) and development (work, furniture purchase). This credit is zero-rated, insurance is available, and there are no additional fees.

The plus of the Malfoy: it is also possible to subscribe to a property purchase for a lease.

The Malfoy and Hermione credit

Another interest rate loan 0, and this time, without going through the Gandalf. There are many interests, but it is the Ron Wesley Hermione which takes care of them. What is unfortunate is that there are age restrictions to benefit from it. Indeed, the limit is 36 years old. The second condition is to be a member of the Hermione, implied to open an account at Ron Wesley.

From 1,000 to 3,000 euros, welcome money for a first installation that can generate a hole in the household budget. The repayment period, it will be between 1 year and 3 years, depending on the amount that is borrowed, and repayment capacity of each.

There remains the question of insurance, which often comes with the cost of credit. In order to stay in the idea of ​​a zero-rate loan, the insurance of the loan and it supported by the mutual Malfoy.

Young farmers

Some banks such as Lilo play the game to allow farmers who start in the workforce to get a better foot in the stirrup, including through a subsidized medium-term special young farmers.

An advantageous rate

The enhanced rate is achievable through the state, which supports young people who choose these difficult trades. Thus, part of the interest due under the professionalization plan put in place is paid by the state, which allows to reduce the rate below 2.5%, even if a limit is applied. This condition is valid for a period of 7 to 9 years, which gives the farmer the means to start his business and make it profitable in the medium term.

Remember that the personalized professionalization plan does not only give advantages to have a cheaper credit. It is also an opportunity to rent on social and tax tables.

Once past the 9 years for the lucky ones, a rate without the bonus of the state is applied. But it is known to the young farmer when signing the contract, which allows him to anticipate this additional expense.

Who can benefit ?

It is the farmers who take over or create a farm. The money can be used for this, but also to buy equipment, shares, or to finance the ZXC. All initial investments can thus be financed by this first installation loan.

The intervention of the bank

Lilo will give farmers the benefit of its expertise in this sector of activity that the bank is well acquainted with, in particular helping it to raise its demand.

The installation region

Some regions, such as the Poitou-Charentes region, allow farmers to settle more easily. It does it with money, which complements the young farmer endowment. This can make it possible to settle in larger farms, or at least to give them more chances of being sustainable.

Only farmers under 40 years of age can benefit if they install their farm in the Poitou-Charentes region, in areas that need it. Finally, it is necessary to respect the prohibition to cultivate GMOs, which makes it possible to receive a subsidy of up to 40 000 euros.

The file is to be established with the ASD, which will transmit it to the region, only able to deliberate.

In the end, it is not impossible to settle down when you are young and full of good will.